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I’m Lucy Hofland

Canadian born and bred, I have lived in the Netherlands for over 30 years. After acquiring my doctorandus (Master’s equivalent) in English Language and Literature, I worked as a full-time translator before taking a secretarial position for a civil law notary.

In the meantime I continued to work in translation part-time, developing my feel for the right word, the right phrase, the right mood. This work also honed my skills in proofreading and the constant quest for quality. 

Much of my translation work involves legal documents (contracts/agreements, summons, corporate documents, etc.), but I also do technical translations, instruction manuals and insurance (policies, packages). I have translated various tenders, documents that concern healthcare, and various documents with regard to cooking (recipes). Another fascinating topic in my translation work is tourism.

I have also translated/collaborated on various books/articles that are religious/philosophical in nature. One title of this type of work: No Other Gods by Hendrik Vroom

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The translation, proofreading, and editing work I have done has varied widely, from academic to technical. I enjoy this variety because of the constant challenges it offers. Both my life and my work history have taught me to focus and stay concentrated, despite distractions, the ability to organize and manage my time, a fine attention to detail, and the resourcefulness to get the job done with accuracy and creativity. I look forward to working with you.

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  • Legal Documents
  • Content Strategy/Websites
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